​​​​      I wanted to write a little about myself, I realize that most of you can guess the usual stuff about a professional artist, but if you want to know about me, that’s a whole new subject. To write about me is more than what I do.  I am primarily a bronze sculptor. I also do charcoal drawings, pencil drawings and watercolor paintings. That’s what I do. As for the “about me” part…. To understand that, it might help to know a little background on how I got to be the “me” I am now. I was raised in South Jordan and Vernon, Utah. That was back when a kid could work hard, raise a little cane and settle your differences out behind the school.  All of which I never hesitated to do. I could never pass on a dare or a chance to laugh. I come from several generations of miners. Dad was a driller and a powder monkey on the blasting crew. He worked his heart out for us every day, no matter how miserable it was. He was a great man but I knew there was a different path for me. Since I left home I’ve had some truly extraordinary experiences that made my life so very rich and taught me lessons about living an uncommon life. I left home at a pretty early age to work on Quarter Horse ranches around the country. I shoveled a lot of crap and started a lot of colts for some of the best trainers in the world. I’ve ridden both, bulls that were unrideable and a lifeflight helicopter (not on the same day). I’ve felt the wind in my face while I was breezing racehorses in the spring. I’ve sat in the dark, in the jungle, listening to thousands of tree frogs while I was in the gold and diamond mines of Liberia in West Africa. I’ve seen civil unrest in a third world country up close and personal. I did my time as a long haul trucker dragging a bull wagon to who knows where. I’ve been a very specialized bronze foundryman and installed monuments as far away as Abu Dahbi, UAE.  My wife and I have successfully raised 3 respectable members of society to adulthood. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this… beyond all the experiences, beyond all the life lessons and accomplishments there are a few things I know for sure… I love my country and the freedom to live my dreams, I love the feel of warm clay in my hands.  I love when I can make art with kids. I love watching the amazement when they “invent” purple by mixing blue and red paint. I love a walk in the desert during a light rain with my dog, Sadie. I love slobbery baby kisses. I believe that honesty and kindness are the answers to most of life’s problems. I love hard work and challenges. Every day I stand in awe of the beauty that fills my life.  I am a simple man.


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